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(Or, More Accurately, Why Trial-by-Fire Isn’t the Best Way to Freelance)

Technically, the first “freelance” project I worked on came from my dad. As a marketing director, he would bring home copywriting assignments for me to work on.

But as Mad Men-y as that sounds, it wasn’t a straight line from my kitchen counter to a happily globe-trotting freelance career.

When I began freelancing, there was no playbook for how to make it happen. And if I’ve learned anything, winging it definitely isn’t the fastest (or most lucrative!) route to success. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. Now, I teach people exactly how to avoid the mistakes I made starting out, and how to follow the tried and true steps to success.

Since 2012, I’ve helped thousands of students become professional copywriters. But it wasn’t long after I started that people in other industries began asking me to teach them how to build their freelance businesses. 

(After all, aside from the actual writing of copy, the principles and proprietary systems that I teach my students to help them build successful freelance copywriting careers are applicable to any kind of freelance career.)

I created Fired Up Freelance and our signature course, the Freelance Success Framework, to help you build a thriving career, working from wherever you want to and making as much as you can

What you’ll find here are actionable insights, resources, and training (a.k.a. all the advice I wish I’d had before trialing and erroring my way through freelancing).

And—not to brag, just to give some credibility—the first time I made six figures was in 2008. Right in the middle of the Great Recession. Right after I left my full-time job to freelance full-time. 

There has never been a better time to be a freelancer. 

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It takes hard work and motivation, but all of my experience and knowledge (and my team’s experience and knowledge) is at your disposal.

Let’s do this.

- Nicki

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